Shiatsu Bodywork

“Maurits is an accessible and pleasant practitioner who (through shiatsu) has helped me to reground my presence in my body. The stretches and attention for specific areas of tension helped me to let go and feel a greater sense of ‘space’ in my body. Immediately afterwards, I experienced a greater freedom of movement and a deep sense of relaxation. Highly recommended!”

Jorinde, (Shiatsu Bodywork)

Holistic Massage

“Maurits is a pleasant bodyworker and is blessed to have been born with massage-hands. Inspiring trust and relaxation, he is friendly and full of focused attention for his client. It is always lovely to receive a firm, full-body treatment from Maurits in the comfort of my own home. After he has come by I feel as reborn, and immediately look forward to the next time he will come.”

Leopold, (Holistic Massage)

Various Treatments

“Maurits always creates a safe space for me to go though my process. Despite of my anxiety, Maurits’ presence and the peaceful space he creates allow me to sit with my feelings without loosing myself. He listens to everything I have to say, without judgement, and always seems to know intuitively what to do to help me. When to step in, and when to step back and give space.”

Sarah, (Various Treatments)


“I have worked with Kambo to help me with anxiety and depression. It is always very intense, but brings a lot to work with and integrate afterwards. It feels like Kambo helps “loosen” what is stuck (emotions, traumas etc.) and brings it to the surface, making it possible for you to work through it and let it go.

Mau takes into account all insecurities or anxieties about the Kambo you might have, and explains the process thoroughly while also allowing your feelings to take the space they need. He is focused on you, but does not put himself in the way of your experience with Kambo. He is there to help and guide you through the session, and does so without interfering, letting the medicine do what it needs to do.

The time afterwards is also a big part of the process and Mau helps you to understand that. I can always reach out to him in the days/weeks/months after the session for support. He always facilitates a safe space where there is room for anything to come up.”

Sarah, (Kambo)

Mixed Bodywork

“When you receive a treatment from Maurits, you can be sure to enter into a most peaceful and spiritual space. Putting you completely at ease, he will bring you to a place of deep and total relaxation of mind and body. He takes you on a journey that will bring you back into balance. The additional use of stones and various essential oils creates a very complete and holistic treatment.”

John, (Mixed Bodywork)

Curious what it’s all about?

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Curious what it’s all about?

Why not experience it for yourself? Book your first session now and enjoy an introductory offer of -20%.

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